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Process piping systems are vital to the success of any pharmaceutical or biotech development and manufacturing facilities. In fact, piping design is an integral part of pharmaceutical facility design. Since piping systems are frequently in contact with product materials, the design needs to be efficient and meet the stringent rules and standards set by the industry. Owing to health and sanitation implications, pharmaceutical equipment including piping materials, fluid level indicators, etc. are some of the most standardized and inspected process equipment worldwide.

To satisfy the product quality requirements in the industry, process piping systems must meet several criteria:

1. Piping systems fidelity to the design specified by the user group or clients.
2. The piping design must meet the application sections of one or more ASME codes and standards.
3. Optimizing the design for personnel, material and information flow; thus reducing waste, variation and      cycle times; while increasing yield, throughput, reliability and profitability.
4. Suitability of the material selected for the applicable codes, environmental requirements, safety,             performance of the requirements, and the economics of the design and other parameters, which may affect the work. Moreover, the installation and documentation must comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Moreover, the installation and documentation must comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

As a piping design and engineering services company, SEIPL has designed process piping systems for several industrial companies. Our team of engineers and piping design specialists have in-depth expertise in international codes and standards such as ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard (BPE), ASME B31.3 and many other standards as applicable by geographical, climate and other conditions. Both ASME BPE– ASME B16.1 and ASME B31.3 are overarching standards, comprising all aspects of the piping process from fluid level indicators to piping materials. SEIPL helps design engineering companies and EPCs to expedite their design engineering plans by delivering on tight deadlines with high quality piping design.

At SEIPL, we offer the full spectrum of pharmaceutical piping design engineering activities.

Piping 2D/3D Modeling:

  • Preparation of preliminary piping layout including nozzle orientation
  • Preparation of preliminary & detailed GADs, BOMs/ MTOs etc.
  • Preparation of equipment Datasheets
  • Preparation of design basis and standard drawings
  • Preparation of piping material specifications (PMS)
  • Preparation of Line list according to P&ID
  • Preparation of Isometrics
  • Flange design
  • Final GADs/BOM
  • IFC isometrics